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Critical Shopping

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Cintra Wilson is steering the ship this week as Critical Shopper, and she decides to drop anchor at the uber-hip Oak boutique on Bond Street. The basic takeaway is that the place is somewhat ridiculous, and shopping there makes Wilson feel old. There are so many great lines in the (lengthy) review; here's our favorite: "A garment by Bless was an oatmeal-colored sheet-cape attached to a pair of pleated linen shorts by exactly one-half (the back half) of a gray cotton tank top ($568). If Heather Locklear had a parasitic twin emerging from her sternum who happened to be a nun, this would be something they would agree they could wear to Starbucks." Right on. [NYT]

Oak Clothing

28 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 212-677-1293 Visit Website