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Spot Check: Proenza Sale a Madhouse

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Despite an early start, the Proenza Schouler sample sale remains mobbed today. Getting in to the sale was interesting: it all starts with a humorless elevator operator who pulls the lever in an old death-trap elevator for the sixth floor. The door opens to reveal a big room full of almost-naked women darting from rack to rack, stumbling around in half zipped dresses or nothing at all, feverishly clutching at party dresses, silk shirts, short shorts, skirts—everything. There's a ton of selection, a nice range of sizes and there appeared to be more tucked away in the back. Nothing's particularly cheap (rarely an item under a hundred dollars, save for the odd green olive tee or flimsy see-through pants) but everything is a steal, considering PS prices. Note: they're only taking cash or checks, so serious shoppers need to bring a stack of bills.

Shoes are hit or miss, with few 40's and 41's, but several stacked boxes in the late-30's size range. The most prominent style was beautifully embroidered bustier tops (for around $200) and dresses (around $400). Jackets ranged in style (flouncy half-sleeves, short khaki military-ish style, one leather jacket that must have weighed 25 pounds, and an array of blazers) with prices hovering in the $400 range. Tops, skirts, shorts, and trousers fared better price-wise, and ranged from about $100-$250. A few items were slashed further, but these treasures are rare. Rumor had it that prices might drop again as times goes on, but don't count on it—if you want to get in on the frenzy, heed the advice of one young underwear-clad lady overheard braying into the phone as she tried desperately to pull a rare $250 dress over her head with one arm—"Get over here quick! Everything is gorgeous!"
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