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RackedWire: Nike Billboard Comes to Dumbo, Richard Chai for Target Disappoints in Jersey

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DUMBO—Mexican restaurant Pedro's has avoided gentrification thus far. A recent paint job made the place look much more respectable, but it's still managed to retain its Old Dumbo aura. Until now. Pedro's, meet Nike. Nike, meet the Mexican restaurant over which your new mural looms. We're sure you two will be friends forever. [Dumbo NYC]

NEW JERSEY—Maybe it's time to stop holding our breath for Richard Chai's Target collection. Writes a commenter: "Checked out the Richard Chai assortment at the newly-opened Target in Springfield, New Jersey. The clothes are DREADFUL. The colors are too garish, the silhouettes are shapeless (and the buttons poorly sewn), and the shiny polyester looks like the same fabric that lines caskets. Imagine Wet Seal togs, but cheaper looking." [Racked Comments]

FLATIRON DISTRICT—Are you "intelligent, friendly, dedicated," and looking for a way to make some money? Do you secretly yearn to see a giant replica of your lycra-clad southern half dominating East Houston? Because American Apparel is hiring, this and every Sunday, 1pm—4pm, at 142 5th Ave at 19th St. [RackedWire]