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Above The Fray: Syla Suits Up in Tribeca

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Given that temps are pushing 90, and it's bound to be a warm holiday weekend, a bathing suit shopping trip may be in order. For ladies in the market for a bikini, brand Syla is in the midst of a decent sample sale in Tribeca on Lispenard Street. Held in a third-floor apartment-turned-office, the sale offers a good selection of colorful swimwear, beach cover-ups and towels. Racks and bins are filled with solid suits ($99), printed ones ($119), Italian French terry towels ($199) and dresses ($100 to $150). At 6pm there was only one other shopper, so if you're looking for a two piece and don't want to fight a grabby-handed crowd at a larger sale, this might be your best bet.
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Carlye Wisel