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Eighth Ave Guessing Game: Steven Alan to Return, Fate of Bakery Up in the Air

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Wondering what was up with all the plywood at Eighth Avenue and West 13th Street, a tipster yesterday put forth that a string of stores is undergoing "what initially looked like renovations but now it looks like maybe something new is going in there." Among the affected locations are Steven Alan, Sergio Davila, Shoegasm and bakery Coffee Sweet Heart.

Racked reconnaissance turned up that both Steven Alan and Sergio Davila will return, and they have posted signs announcing brief renovations before reopening in August. Shoegasm still has their 8th Avenue address on their website despite looking very closed, but the fate of the bakery is completely up in the air.

In any case, construction is active on this site so whatever is taking shape here will be evident soon enough, most definitely in time for building fall wardrobes.
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