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iPhrenzy: Waits Diminishing, Screwy Voucher System Remains

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Line outside Apple Soho at 8:55AM yesterday

Apple Stores are still using a voucher system to try to mitigate iPhone 3G lines, which seems to be working to varying effects at the company's three Manhattan locations. Ordering a phone from AT&T is looking better and better, right?

Apple Midtown
Line: "Oh, we're not doing a line anymore. We're doing a voucher system. Come down, pick up a voucher and it'll be time-stamped for when you can return to pick up your phone."
Availability: They've got them all, but "it's a mixed bag."
Color: The voucher guarantees you a phone, but not a specific model. So some people will walk away with the coveted 16 gig in black, and others...won't.

Apple Soho
Line: Two to three hours
Availability: Have all models in stock
Color: Come "as early as possible" to get a voucher for the phone of your choice. Once you have that, you will be able to get a phone if you return to the store before 6pm that day.

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: Three hours
Availability: Stock is alright, but they'll be out in a couple hours.
Color: They're still doing voucher thing.