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Above The Fray: Loden Dager Sale So-So

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A trip to the Loden Dager sample sale, taking place today and tomorrow in an industrial loft on West 29th Street, should only be considered if you are above a size medium and/or a fan of seersucker jackets. The space they're holding the sale in is strange—Dager staff shares the loft with other businesses—so shoppers are forced to ignore office workers typing away on their computers at desks facing the racks. But let's move past that little oddity, and on to the clothing. Extra large and large were the dominant sizes in button-down shirts and jackets, but if you're in the market for a parka, the selection was pretty good. Similarly, most pants and shorts ranged from size 34-36, but there were a few smaller sizes scattered about.

The markdowns were not severe, but considering these items are stock and not samples, the deals are decent. Pants and denim were priced at $90, button-down shirts are $80, blazers are $150 and jackets are $100. Springing for a wool sweater or a parka will cost you $240. T-shirts are the cheapest thing available, at $20 apiece.

Clothing was not individually priced, but a price list is readily available and easy to commit to memory. The sale is cash only, so be prepared with both big and small bills: during our drop by they lacked change, but someone was sent on a mission to the bank so that should be rectified soon. (Also, if you come without cash in hand, they will hold pieces for you.) A final warning: there are no fitting rooms, so be prepared either to strip or commit to pieces that may not fit.
Dealfeed: Loden Dager [Racked]
—Noah Adler