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Sweating the Games: Official Adidas Olympics Shoes, Non-Official East-Themed Designs

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Welcome to Sweating the Games, a new feature in which we follow the many Olympics tie-ins suddenly cropping up everywhere.

[Adidas water mocs via the New York Sun]

Yesterday we looked at Nike; today, let's see how the other major sportswear brands are exploiting this month's only news story, the 2008 Olympic Games. Non-athletes will be able to buy the same Adidas designed for this summer's competitors, according to the New York Sun. Adidas, the games' official footwear provider, came up with 26 different shoes for 28 sports. "The weight-lifting shoe, for example, has a wood wedge in the heel to maximize support during lifts, and the canoe shoe incorporates technology for accelerated water drainage and better traction." Well, boat shoes are everywhere this summer.

Sportswear companies that aren't official sponsors have taken a different design tactic, focusing not on athleticism but the nebulous concept of "The East," since that's roughly where the games will be held. New Balance has created a line of sneakers based on Taoist philosophy and another with Chinese masks adorning their signature "N," the latter designed in China. Fila's new Wellness collection has, according to a spokesperson, a "zen-like feeling." And Reebok has Yao Ming endorsing its latest, dragon-bedecked design. Puma, on the other hand, stuck with the generic Olympics theme: They're selling bags shaped like gold medals.
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