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iPhrenzy: Feast Your Eyes on a Cube Voucher

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Friends, Apple fanatics: Pictured here is a real, honest-to-goodness iPhone 3G voucher procured by a Racked operative earlier today at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. As you can see, it features a timestamp indicating when its owner should return to the store to pick up one of those glorious, magical, in-demand gadgets. Does it look like something issued by a library in the 60's? Yes, but they've had precious little time to design anything high-tech. We should note here that this piece of paper does not, repeat, does not guarantee you a specific model. But with this slip, you will be able to buy whatever type they have left in stock without an insane wait. (Which is, to our understanding, not the case with the vouchers that Soho and Meatpacking are handing out.)

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