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RackedWire: Rat Visits UWS Duane Reade, Japan Expo Hits Midtown

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UPPER WEST SIDE—Eyewitness News happened upon a rat in the window of the Duane Reade on 94th and Broadway. According to someone working at the pharmacy, the rat "entered from the street when a customer opened the door." But doesn't that imply that the employee watched the rat sneak in? And if so, why didn't he or she, you know, chase it back out? [Eyewitness News]

MIDTOWN—Starting August 16, the Felissimo Townhouse will host Japan C, an eleven-week expo of Japanese design. Expect everything from Skater brand cooking gadgets to the inexplicable but amazing-sounding "My Sweet Lord Fold & Cut Robots." [Racked Inbox]