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iPhrenzy: Despite Voucher System, Lines Remain

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Line at the Meatpacking District Apple store at 9AM

On this, the third week straight of iPhrenzy, Apple execs have finally taken steps to reduce the massive lines of shoppers waiting patiently for iPhone 3Gs. Staffers are now handing out vouchers at all Manhattan stores, which can be redeemed later on in the day (say, if you need to go to the bathroom—or god-forbid, go to work). The full report:

Apple Soho
Line Length: It's unclear, though it looks to be about three hours
Availability: Currently, they're stocked will all models
Color: The voucher system is in full swing in Soho. One staffer works the line with what looks like a portable POS gadget, entering info and "pre-qualifying" folks, while another hands out vouchers for the phone of each shoppers' choice. Asked how many vouchers were on hand, an Apple salesperson said that that info was confidential but that they "usually run out around 3pm."

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: One to two hours
Availability: Right now, everything is in.
Color: They've also started a voucher system, but there's no time on the vouchers. If you get a voucher, you can come back at any time before 6 and get in (although they can't guarantee there won't be a line then too.). AT&T customers must pre-qualify—basically prove there are no red flags on their accounts—to get a voucher. Non-AT&T customers don't have to prequalify.

Apple Midtown
Line length: There's no line currently, except for when you come in to redeem the voucher. At most 40 people per hour.
Availability: Got 'em all
Color: A friendly Apple specialist told Racked that there was no line at the Cube because they "have more stock." Also, vouchers can be redeemed her up until 9PM. They're reportedly handing out 40 vouchers per hour.