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Storecasting: Hello Health Says Hi to Wburg

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Femia, 07/27/2008

Last year, Dr. Jay Parkinson caused a media frenzy when he declared that he would revolutionize the healthcare system using new technology. His idea: target those who are uninsured, and offer them doctor services on a pay-per-visit basis, with the option to text, IM or email when you have questions or concerns. In a new development, Parkinson has decided to franchise his operations (which he now describes as "Geek Squad as doctors with a Netflix-type subscription fee") and is opening his first brick-and-mortar storefront, called Hello Health, in Williamsburg at 105 Berry and North 8th Street. Members pay a $25 monthly fee, and an additional $75-100 per visit depending on condition. According to an interview on WSJ's Health Blog, the 600-square-foot office has two exam rooms for "procedures that aren’t appropriate for your home." The launch party is set for July 31st.
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