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Rumormongering: Hayden-Harnett Expanding to Grand Central Terminal?

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[Images via Anthropologie]

They still haven't gotten Greenpoint wunderkinder Hayden-Harnett to confirm or deny a possibly collaboration with Target, but now WWD has a whole slew of other exciting facts and speculations about the brand. What's definitely true: Spring '09 will see the launch of Hayden-Harnett swimwear and shoes. The bathing suits are inspired by the success of Hayden-Harnett's bikini for Anthropologie (pictured), the shoes by the early '80s. Says one of the designers: “It’s very ‘Working Girl’ meets ‘Xanadu’ meets Memphis design." Maybe true: Is there a Grand Central store in the works? And perhaps a collaboration with Pony Footwear? Only time, or HH PR, will tell.
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