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iPhrenzy Weekend Edition: Vouchers in Midtown

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The Soho line on Friday

Here's a new twist in the iPhone saga: At the Fifth Avenue store, they've eliminated the line completely by giving out vouchers for a specific time. Customers show up, get their scheduled time, and then come back to pick up the phone then. The Soho and MePa stores are still relying on old-school line fortitude, though.

Apple Midtown
Line length: Since they implemented the voucher system yesterday, there is no line for phones.
Availability: They'll probably run out before tomorrow, which is why the vouchers are today only.
Color: The phone line might be gone, but now there's a small line for vouchers.

Apple MePa
Line length: Two hours
Availability: It's all in stock
Color: Does the line get shorter towards the end of the day? "I think it'll stay a solid wait time of two hours."

Apple Soho
Line length: An hour to an hour and a half
Availability: Everything is in stock
Color: "The earlier you get here, the better!"