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Old Navy Looking Kind of Like American Apparel

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You know, the past couple of times we've sauntered into an Old Navy, we've been distracted by some new arrivals other than jelly flats and seersucker. Ever since ON revealed their hipper, more fashionable image, we've been able to draw parallels between some of the new designs and some American Apparel standard offerings.

First there was Old Navy's swimsuit collection, featuring a lot of metallic lamé suspiciously cut like some of AA's more famously daring pieces. Then last month an entire section popped up in-store at Old Navy, now titled "Beautiful Basics." Scoop-neck tees (now on sale for $6.99) and racer-back ribbed dresses in AA silhouettes and similar colors now rule the back section of Old Navys around the city, at prices $10-$20 off of American Apparel. Hung on plastic hangars, the garments appear unflattering and achingly plain. This is because that's what they are, and they suffer from their lack of AA's nubile bodies.

Granted that AA doesn't have a monopoly on essential clothing, but take a stroll through Old Navy and you'll sense the gravity that ON has given to their Basics collection. Clearly, something is afoot.
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