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iPhrenzy: MePa, Cube Waits Longer than Ever

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Remember two weeks ago when the iPhone 3G launched, when we all thought the lines would be crazy for a couple days and then we could all return to our regular lives? We were so naive.

Apple Midtown
Line length: Five hours.
Availability: Right now everything is in stock, but they can't guarantee it will still be in stock five hours from now.
Color: The line doesn't look any longer than in previous days, suggesting that Apple has just started being more realistic with their estimates.

Apple Soho
Line length: Three hours
Availability: Everything is in stock. Will they sell out? It "depends on which phone is popular today."
Color: The Apple guy out front says he hasn't been told to watch the line length yet. "Yet" might be the key word here.

Apple MePa
Line length: SIX HOURS.
Availability: Everything's in.
Color: They're trying to keep people sheltered and out of the sun.