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Storecasting: Hermès Brings In the Men's

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This is a welcome departure from all the construction plywood we've been seeing around town. The pumpkin windows at the old Luca Luca store at 690 Madison Avenue and East 62nd Street are brought to us by Hermès of course, who has taken over the space and is currently remodeling under the secrecy the orange affords.

Now you wonder: didn't we just give you a glimpse of the windows at the major Hermès flagship across the street? You see, they aren't abandoning their prime corner but adding to it by turning the corner opposite into the brand's first store for their men's collection.

Hermès Men will be a glorious and exquisitely pricey ode to the foppish male, showcasing "an expansive assortment of men’s ties inside the main entrance rather than the women’s accessories and handbags that are generally up front in its other units."

The new location next to Lambertson Truex, with its large windows and solid presence, is also a great match architecturally for the current stately flagship. It should be, considering that Hermès' men's business accounts for 45% of sales; that's a lot of $160 silk ties! This new store will be so much more than that-- they will carry a range of men's product from accessories to ready-to-wear, with an entire floor dedicated to bespoke services. Not even their recently-opened FiDi location, with its attempt to emphasize menswear, can boast of that pimpness.
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