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Spot Check: Acne and Staerk is Hit or Miss

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After not one, but two negative reviews, we had to drop by the Acne and Staerk sample sale ending tonight in Chelsea. What we discovered: it wasn’t much of a sample sale. It was just a plain old, “we’ll knock some money off to give you a discount” sale. The were $75 Staerk blouses aplenty, but the rest of the packed racks (with $50 shorts, $75 jackets/pants and $40 swimsuits) only gave a similar illusion. For most of the clothing on sale, specific items were only available in specific sizes. There were a handful of green/white-checkered skirts ($75), but only in size 4, 6 and 10, and conversely, there was a surprisingly good dress ($75) selection...for anyone who is size 12.

Or, actually, a size 10. Staerk signs saying, “Don’t feel bad the sizes run small. If you are a 2 try a 4!” are posted all around the sale. While it would be nice to believe that staffers just wanted to throw out some positive reinforcement before shoppers have to strip in a curtained, communal changing area, it’s more likely referring to the fact that if you find something you like, there’s probably a few of them, none of which are in your size.

The Fashionista-touted Acne jeans run $95-$125, but the racks are stuffed with only black and (a small selection) of dark denim. Take note: unless you want black jeans, do not expect to score Acnes.

That being said, there’s probably a reason accessories are closest to the door. Pity scarves, a quick grab on the way out for assumedly disappointed shoppers who didn’t find anything, are less than $50, just a few steps away from $75 white handbags that look more like an addition for a Halloween nurse costume than an accessory. The shoe table ($75) had a lot of boxes, but this time, you most likely won’t be able to squeeze into a different size like they suggest with clothing.

The sale wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great for your wardrobe, either. Last weekend’s heatwave has probably left you fearing anything with sleeves, but c’mon, wouldn’t that $75 you’d spend on a flitty cotton dress in late July would be better invested in a few pairs of lacy tights for fall?
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—Carlye Wisel

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