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iPhrenzy: Cube and MePa Going Strong, Soho Out

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The rain made waiting in line this morning for the new iPhone particularly unpleasant, though both Soho and MePa let shoppers wait inside their stores. The big news this morning: Soho will start opening for iPhone buyers at 8am.

Apple Midtown
Line length: 2-3 hours
Availability: Everything is in stock
Color: Waiters were discussing people who try to buy spots on line. They concluded that if you wait long enough, your spot begins to feel more valuable than the iPhone itself.

Apple Soho
Line length: None, because they're sold out.
Availability: There might be more tomorrow, but they couldn't promise anything.
Color: The store opened at 8am so that iPhone purchasers didn't have to wait outside in the rain. Ninety minutes later they were sold out, but the plan worked so well that they're going to open at 8 from now on. Buyers of regular Apple products still need to wait until 9, though.

Apple MePa
Line length: 4 to 5 hours
Availability: Only 8 gigs left in stock
Color: The line looks short to the untrained eye, but that's only because the majority of it is coiled around inside the store.
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