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iPhrenzy: Cube Still the Only Game in Town

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If you dropped by last night to check iPhone 3G availability for today, you would have seen that the Soho and Fifth Avenue locations had stock, and that the Meatpacking District outpost was still sold out. True, but Soho must have only received a messenger bag's-worth of phones, not a truckload. The report:

Apple Midtown
Line length: Three and a half hours
Availability: They've got everything in stock
Color: The line is way short. It doesn't even extend down 58th Street like it has in previous days. But the wait is still three and a half hours. We have no idea what's taking so long.

Apple Soho
Line length: Upon on-scene inspection, the line looks to be extremely short. Probably an hour and a half at most. But...
Availability: "We only have phones for those in line. We've cut off the line."
Color: A staffer was working the line, patiently explaining they only had 8 gig models. This didn't sit too well with some of the dudes at the front of the queue, who no doubt got there at 6:30AM hoping for the 16 gig. One, "I was led to believe you'd have both models." What are gonna do now, though?
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