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Storecasting: Insert Carat on Madison Avenue

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Tomorrow marks the end of a Midtown East legacy: The Body Shop on the corner of Madison Avenue and East 53rd Street will be closing, leaving dozens of suburban teens to trek perhaps as many as five blocks before they can impulse buy pink grapefruit body butter.

Do not despair! The prime spot, only a block away from the Fifth Avenue Abercrombie & Fitch, will continue to attract those on New York buying sprees as Carat is moving into the space. The Hong Kong-based jeweler, who has already tested the waters with both a store in Atlantic City and a kiosk in the Time Warner Center, will certainly bring some sparkle to the corner. But here's the rub: Carat sells costume jewelry.

This isn't the locked case at Claire's, though: their pieces are priced from $100 up to $1,500. Carat's website proclaims their fake rocks to be the best: "While we agree nothing sparkles quite like a diamond we believe you will not find a better alternative on the market." Hear that, recession-hit guys about to propose? You can get her the blingtastic ring of her dreams and tell her truthfully that you bought it on Madison Avenue.
· Carat [Official Site]