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Oy Vey: Gentiles Take Over Kosher Brooklyn Gym

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Hey, here's something you don't see discussed too often on this site: Kosher gyms in South Brooklyn. But, because of a recent controversy documented by Chaptzem Blog, we're turning our attention to one today. KB Fitness, a Kosher workout center with separate facilities for men and women, has undergone some shocking changes tied to a change in ownership. Just what has the new (non-Jewish) management wrought?

The truth is there will not be very many changes besides a demographic shift in the clientele and the advertising might feature female models running on treadmills. Also the gyms name will possibly change from KG Fitness to something else. The corporate name will remain the same...The letters sent out were a courtesy to the Jewish members so they would not be shocked if after the changeover is complete they notice billboards with images they are not used to. The current owners did not want a situation to arise where angry members come in and yell at non-Jewish workers about advertising not meeting their religious standards and wondering why images not fitting these standards are being used by a Jewish gym.
To avoid misunderstandings it needed to be known that the owners would not remain Jewish, but the gym atmosphere and rules would still stress the values of modesty and privacy. It also was a courtesy so that problems that have started to arise since non-Jewish customer service and security personnel have been hired don't continue on with the new ownership. Many of the female Jewish members include insults like goy, shiksa, or call the worker Jay "shvartzer" in their emails when upset or use Yiddish and Hebrew phrases that the current non-Jewish workers don't understand or find hurtful and future ones would not like as well.
Yes, we'd imagine that longtime members would be a mite displeased to visit and discover that the gym is no longer Kosher. Just imagine the kind of reception a David Barton Gym would garner down there.
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