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A blogger's already reviewed the Acne and Staerk sale that began today at 1pm in Chelsea. It's pretty much a complete pan. "How most blogs and retail sites got Acne price points for this sale, I have no idea. It turns out there were four racks of Acne jeans, priced $70 to $125 for five denim styles, and that was all the Acne. Everything else was Staerk (lots) and The Breed. None of it was a deal (but Staerk bathing suits at $40 perked my interest, until I saw there was only one little rack of them. I didn't see any actual samples. That has to be flagrant false advertising. Note to self: Never ever go to a sample sale hosted by SavvyNYC. It's never samples, and it's never a sale." [Eep! Ramblings]

Acne Studios

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