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RackedWire: Calypso Outlet, Pong 2.0

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[Credit: The Pong Live Cam]

LOWER EAST SIDE—Pong returns to 139 Norfolk! Pop-up shop clearinghouse Grand Opening, which hosts a different store every few months, brings back the ping pong parlor we loved so dearly back in March of 2007. With air conditioning, online sign-ups, and a bar, Pong 2.0 is a bit of an upgrade, which might explain the rising cost of membership. In '07 they charged $3 for 20 minutes or $35 for a membership, but now it's $10 and $80, respectively. Whatever—we still love ping pong. [Racked Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY—This is breaking: Queens is getting a Calypso outlet. Starting July 24 and continuing every Thursday through Sunday, warehouse stock will be open to the public at 40-90% off. Why LIC? Because Calypso's corporate headquarters is there, of course. [Guerilla Shopper]