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In the Window: It's a Small World for Hermès

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While the UES suffers from the summer's mass exodus to the Hamptons, Hermès on Madison Avenue and East 62nd Street seems to be celebrating Christmas in July with nativity-like scenes.

Mannequins stand like obelisks among many small scenes of exotic, desert locales and mini-horses come bearing gifts of expensive leather bracelets. Wonder at the apparition of a tropical dish oasis, where a set of teacups and saucers is $330 and beach towels are $510. A caravan of mini camels leaves the land of leather clutches and traverses the sandy landscape to check out the perfume river. All the while, the silk folding bags ($960) have been automated to open and close almost miraculously.

Once all have finished worshiping at the alter of luxury, there is only one universal question: Who in the hell pays $510 for a beach towel?
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