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RackedWire: Men's Fashion Week Means Parties, Deals on the L.E.S.

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LOWER EAST SIDE—Men's fashion week, also known by the oddly-punctuated name (capsule), rolled into town today, bringing with it a small dustcloud of discounts and sales. Hair salon Frank's Chop Shop (19 Essex between Hester and Canal), Greek food and beauty vendor mastihashop (145 Orchard between Stanton and Rivington), and gallery and streetwear shop Reed Space (151 Orchard between Stanton and Rivington) are all offering 15% discounts; hattery Still Life (77 Orchard between Grand and Broome) and boutiques Suite Orchard (145a Orchard Street at Rivington), The Cast (119 Ludlow between Rivington and Delancey), and Valley (48 Orchard between Grand and Hester) are knocking off 10%. [RackedWire]

LOWER EAST SIDE—On top of all the sales, boutique mini-chain Oak and clothing line Orthodox are throwing a party tomorrow night at 205 Club (205 Chrystie Street at Stanton). Email to get in between 9pm and 11pm, during which time designer Julian Red will DJ and the drinks will be free. After 11, DFA Records' Jacques Renault and Justin Miller take over the DJing duties and the party opens to the public. [RackedWire]
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