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iPhrenzy, Weekend Edition: Sold Out Everywhere

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The calm before the storm: The MePa store, days before the 3G was released

You might want to sit down for this, or at least take some deep breaths. Manhattan? Officially out of iPhones. So is Staten Island. And the closest Jersey stores have been sold out since yesterday (except Garden State, which doesn't open on Sundays.) The worst part: Nobody seems to know when the next ones will arrive. At this point, if you really want to wait in a line, you should just go see the new Batman movie.

Apple Midtown
Line length: "There actually is no line because we don't have any phones."
Color: "We have no idea when we're going to receive our next shipment."

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: "We're sold out."
Color: When are you getting more phones? "We have no idea." Click.

Apple SoHo
Line length: Sold out.
Color: "Give us a call during the week; we might have more then." During the week? Might? Help.

Apple Staten Island
Line length: No line because no phones.
Color: "We get a delivery tomorrow morning. Hopefully some iPhones will be on the truck."