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Now Open: Jenny Craig Guilts Chelsea

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This is what happens when McDonald's releases new sandwiches based on pairing crispy chicken with butter. Jenny Craig has opened their doors at the corner of Chelsea and the Village at 545 Sixth Avenue and 14th Street, bearing gifts of free consultations and um, balloons.

The space, better known as the old shuttered food store awning underneath which the homeless would catch naps in between turns panhandling at McDonald's, was miraculously turned out this week.

Even though this won't be Manhattan's first Jenny Craig (there are other centers on the UES, the UWS and in Midtown East), this location will be solely profiting off of people's guilt for patronizing its neighbors. You see, aside from a lonely GNC, this franchise is surrounded by the best and fattiest reminders of New York staple foods: the 24-hour McDonald's, Village Yogurt, Dunkin Donuts, Brick Oven Pizza, the Gray's Papaya and Donut Pub a block west and the Cheesesteak Factory for heaven's sake!

As we snapped the picture above, the passerby did a double take and stopped to peek in, probably pondering his caloric intake in ratio to how many subway stairs he climbs per day. Welcome to the club, random guy; Tasti D-Lite is on the next block.
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