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iPhrenzy, Weekend Edition: iPhone 3G Scarce

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The scene outside the Fifth Ave Cube on iPhone 3G launch day

Another day, another update on iPhone 3G availability around town. Today, things are looking bleak for Apple fanatics:

Apple Midtown
Line length: Three to four hours, per usual
Availability: They've got everything but the 16 gig in black
Color: Any chance you'll run out of phones? "Um...I don't think so...But you never know."

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: They cut off the line because...they're SOLD OUT
Availability: See above
Color: Tired staffer, "We're not sure when we're getting more."

Apple SoHo
Line length: Right now, it's two hours
Availability: "The line is relatively long and barely meeting the amount we have left," said the Genius, meaning if you're not there now, you probably won't get one today. Also, they're out of everything in black.
Color: Bad news—they rarely get shipments of new stock on the weekends, so if they run out today, they're out for the weekend.

Apple Staten Island
Line length: Unhelpful salesperson who answered the phone: "Well, it wraps around [thinking] towards Essentials [ed. note: a mall store?]. So it's that long"
Availability: "Not sure what we have, but we're not sold out. I can tell you that."
Color: "You'll find out what phones we got when you come over here!"

Apple Garden State Plaza
Line length: "It's kind of long already, like two hours."
Availability: Shock! They have some of everything!
Color: "If you get on line now, you'll still have a chance." Okay, this store seems to be the way to go.

Apple Short Hills
Line length: "There's no line because we have no phones."
Availability: "Hopefully Monday."
Color: Are they getting a lot of frantic phone calls? Laughter. "Yes, we are."

Apple Menlo Park
Line length: No line, because they have no phones
Availability: Sold OUT. And they don't know when more will come in.
Color: They're asking people to check their website every night at 9pm for an update on what's in stock.