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Ikea's Virtual Rooms: Getting Funky in Undies

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Thinking about trekking out to brave the shopping crowd at the Red Hook IKEA this weekend? If you're in it just to check out the always-entertaining room setups, then Ikea may just have fulfilled your every desire. Adverblog has discovered a magical little toy over at Ikea's Swedish site which gives you the room set-up experience without having to go to the store.

The "Come Into the Wardrobe" experience includes five rooms, all showcasing Ikea furnishings given life by random people doing random things in them. Their movements depend on the music, or your voice if you turn on your mic, or tracks you upload. Granted we can't understand much of the Swedish, but put men in boxers, spandex and a pilot suit with Ikea furniture and they've got our attention.

Since the action in each of the rooms is both seizurely and frustratingly suspenseful, we'll break them down into a nice guide for your viewing pleasure:

Room 1 - Boxer Fight: Two dudes of indistinguishable nationality wear gray suits sans pants, while funky dance-fighting in an equally gray loft apartment. Click on options to have them break their raving for an intense round of ironing pants or shining each other's shoes. It is our favorite room simply because the guys are wearing sock garters, and sock garters are always comical.

Room 2 - Maribou Woman and Aviator Man: An old lady lives in a bedroom of complete florals, save for the ethnic carpets. One day she awakes, puts on a fluttery dress, and is proposed to by a rakish young fellow in a neck scarf who likes to play Howard Hughes.

Room 3 - 1990s Ice Skater: A teenage girl practices her ice skating routine while wearing hi-tops and a high ponytail. Her parents enter, looking like the early 1990s personified, and pack for her trip to the ice skating championship. She wins and returns to have an orgasmic roll-around on the carpet.

Room 4 - Mexican Jumping Beans: Three scarily hyper people (2 guys, 1 girl) wearing Mexican wrestling outfits generally freak out over a wrestling video game. Then they jump some rope and towel off. The best part is undeniably when we find out where the guy in gold spandex keeps his jumprope.

Room 5 - Family in Flight: Two identical twin girls with snowball 'fros bring breakfast in bed to their pilot father and flight attendant mother...and a token black child who crawls out from underneath the sheets. They throw the food all over and everyone falls on the floor repeatedly until they check the time on their watches.

These little dioramas are sure to start your weekend off right. Just remember that when you do go to the real Ikea, a wrestler threesome is not included with purchase.
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