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iPhrenzy: No Relief in Sight

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How long will the madness last? At all three Apple stores, waits remain prohibitive (well, prohibitive if you don't really, really need an iPhone), and supplies of black phones are running low almost everywhere.

Apple Midtown
Line length: Four hours
Availability: Still out of the 16 gig in black
Color: Lots of people listening to boring normal iPods while texting on boring normal phones.

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: Three to four hours—longer than yesterday or the day before. Everyone looks hot and peevish.
Availability: A beleaguered genius said the stock is currently fine, but they'll close the line if they start to run out. Then he cringed.
Color: Geniuses are going up and down the line making sure everyone has the correct information in place for the activation process, but apparently some people are lying to get into the store faster. Scoundrels!

Apple SoHo
Line length: A comparatively reasonable two hours.
Availability: They're out of everything in black.
Color: Three good-natured and helpful geniuses are on hand to answer questions; people seem much happier, or at least more resigned, than in MePa.