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Shopping The Personals: You Were in Line for the iPhone

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It's time again for Shopping The Personals, a recurring Racked feature wherein we comb through the retail-based Missed Connections listings on Craigslist.

You have to figure that after standing in line for hours, bored out of their skulls, some prospective iPhone 3G shoppers would get to talking, and then, to flirting. And you'd be right:

1) Fifth Ave Cube: "I can't believe I'm doing this but it's probably only because I know you won't get it. We got online for the iphone this morning about 7:30am at 5th ave, chatted it up. You decided to go to work and I left about 2 minutes after you. Wish you asked for my number. You were wearing a pink shirt and khakis, Harry Potter glasses, and I was in a grey dress and green jacket. If at all remotely interested send me an email, I'll be sitting in class all day bored out of my mind, while you're at the job you're about to quit." [Listing]

2) Soho: "We waited in line forever today and at the end, I gave you my card. I was shy, but I'm really hoping that you'll email me...:)" [Listing]

3) Unknown: "We were in line, then ended up sitting near each other. You said your name was . . . Jane? Jade? The noise kinda drowned out what I heard. :( Anyway, it's always nice to know more fun people in the city, and you seemed pretty cool. Hi!" [Listing]

4) AT&T Midtown West: "AT@T store - iPhone waiting- 53rd/broadway. Met you Saturday morning waiting for store to open...we talked a bit. You are very good-looking! What wear you wearing and where were you from. Hope you see this!" [Listing]

5) Fifth Ave Cube: "Apple 5th Ave Employee Steve/Steven? You helped me claim a great spot in line today after hearing of my previous miscommunications with one of your coworkers. I just wanted to say thanks again. It reallllly made my day that someone actually seemed to care about people after all I had gone through! Thanks again. Hit me back if there is something I can do to show my appreciation—lunch, letter to boss, whatever." [Listing]