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Barneys Warehouse Sale Dates, Revealed

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Break out your iCal and Moleskine and save the date! The biannual shitshow we all know and love, the Barneys Warehouse Sale, will be lining 'em up in Chelsea from Thursday, August 14 thru September 1. As it always takes place in what is currently the Barneys Co-op store at 236 West 18th Street, the Co-op will be closing on August 8 to begin the transformation from industrial space neatly showcasing designer stuff to industrial space hurriedly hocking designer stuff.

We suggest clearing your credit cards ASAP, because who can tell how this recession will affect the pricing and selection. Last year saw some of the highest starting sale prices yet, while still giving a good show with big names Balenciaga, Prada, cheap cheap Michael Kors and lots of Lanvin. The men's basement is always stocked with buried treasure, and for some reason we're really feeling its potential for this sale.

Want a sneak peek at the goods? Unless you know a Barneys buyer (introduce us?), your best bet is to serious inspect the offerings on Barney's online sale. Usually a good portion of the items there will be found at the sale for cheaper, but not always in the same color or size as online so keep an open mind. This hint, however, does not apply for the bags and accessory selection as that always sucks.

So many thoughts: Will we reach retail nirvana somewhere back in housewares? Will we beat our record of $100 for (heeled) Christian Louboutins? Will Tory Burch be the next Kate Moss for Topshop? Only time will tell—one month's time.
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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