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iPhrenzy: Lines Remain, 16 Gig in Black is Back

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Today the lines looked as they have looked for the past few days: long. The report:

Apple Midtown
Line length: Four hours
Availability: Still out of black 16 gig, but OK on white and the 8 gig
Color: Says the Apple guy manning the line, "The white one's nicer anyway." Yeah right.

Apple SoHo
Line length: Blasé Genius, "Probably three to four hours. It's been pretty consistent."
Availability: They've got it all, but of course, they "can't guarantee" they'll have all the models in stock later on in the day.
Color: Which one are you buying? iPhone fanatic near the front of the line who arrived at 6:45am, "The 8 gig in black." Guy next to him, who got there at 5:30am, "The 16 gig in black." iPhone fanatic, "Or whatever they have. I just want one!"

Apple Meatpacking
Line length: Two to three hours, same as yesterday
Availability: Staffer, "We've got everything in stock." But yesterday, you were out of the—[cut off] "I said, we have everything today. Yesterday, we were out of the 16 gig in black." Okay...
Color: Yesterday, Applers were working the line, handing out info and answering questions. Today, there's none of that. Salespeople remain inside the store, enjoying the AC, while the folks in line keep busy by typing and texting on the gadgets they already have.