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Above the Fray: Choo Sale Chokes Big Time

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Shopping for the sake of shopping seems to be the theme at the Jimmy Choo sale currently going on at Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion. We checked in on it yesterday evening, enduring a 20-minute line of 14 people only to be seriously disappointed by everything from pricing to quality of the shoes. The same goes for the meager selection of bags, which were easily the most garish and prohibitively expensive items.

In the same space where people went crazy for the Hermes sale, women now casually browse, occasionally reaching out to stroke a pair of emerald velvet boots or mindlessly rub ostrich pumps. Sizes are available across the board; yes, there are three lonely tables of 40 and 41, but of course they are either the plainest or most risky pairs. We saw very few shoppers leave with purchases, but if they did it usually included a pair of the $100 clear PVC sandals in metallic pink or silver.

Damaged shoes and bags were relegated to boxes in the front corner, but when we looked closer at some of the items on the regular sale tables, we discovered most had issues anyways. An otherwise stunning pair from the $395 exotics looked like they had been owned and walked in for a year and then returned. Chain straps had snapped on sandals, studs were flaking off of decorative heels and all reeked with defeat. This is a sale where haggling should be allowed.

On top of the crap they are trying to push off on the most label-desperate shoppers, there is absolutely no need for a line. There was no crowd to speak of, they are not checking bags and it isn't long after you pick up a few shoes that you realize these are the bottom of the barrel. In any case, if you do go make sure to inspect the shoes thoroughly and it never hurts to try and talk them down.
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