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Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton: Cornball Jokes Meet High Fashion

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[Credit: Bagaholic Blog]

Let's take a moment, now, to discuss Richard Prince's boxy bags for Louis Vuitton. If you haven't seen them, they come emblazoned with jokes from mid-century comedians like Henny Youngman. Which means soon you'll see pictures of starlets leaving nightclubs while clutching purses that say things like "Every time I meet a woman who can cook like my Mother...She looks like my Father" [sic].

Okay. On the one hand, it's been a while since anyone has done something so baffling, and therefore so radical, with a bag. On the other hand, humor doesn't age well, so jokes from the 1950s feel more junk shop than vintage store. Also, some of them are pretty unappealingly sexist. Also, "radical" doesn't automatically equal "amazing." Then again, it's impressive that the bags manage to surprise the hell out you while remaining utterly consistent with Louis Vuitton's recent habit of mashing up high and low culture. Anywho, since they were a limited-edition release, the purses are sold out in the Soho and Midtown stores, but we hear that the Saks LV boutique may just have a few.
UPDATE: They have one Duderanch tote (pictured above) left! If you must have it, the time to act is now.
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