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Nike Brings Joy to 41,000 Back To the Future Fans With Hyperdunk 2015 Release

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[Photo via High Snobiety]

When Nike released the Hyperdunk 2015 this weekend, they made two Canadian brothers very happy. Charles and Michael Maloof have spent over a year begging Nike to create Michael J. Fox's sneakers from Back to the Future II via their McFLY 2015 petition, which has garnered 41,000 signatures so far. The Hyperdunk almost answers their prayers, though it gets a crucial detail wrong:

The Hyperdunk 2015s sport a similar color scheme [to McFly's shoes], along with an orange 2015 (the year in which the BttF2 future scenes are set) on the right tongue and orange arrows on the left tongue. The arrows harken back to the BttF logo. In case the reference weren't obvious enough, the inside of the tongue and the soles are emblazoned with Doc Brown's expletive-of-choice: "Great Scott!" Sadly, the shoelaces are of the regular 20th century variety.
Still, they're good enough for the Maloofs, who pronounced the shoes "excellent."
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