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iPhrenzy iPocalypse Now: Four Hours on Fifth Ave.

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Apple Midtown
Time: 1:39 PM
Color: This update via a phone chat with the Fifth Avenue store just seconds ago, in which a friendly genius informed us that Apple elves estimate that the line's about four hours long. Seems the activation delays are really leaving a mark—and that's not even the start of what's being termed the iPocalypse. See also, AT&T stores running out of stock; early reports of yellow screens; weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth. But wait! Just when darkest, light: patience, friends, and you'll get that shiny bauble activated yet. One other bit of bright news: according to that employee we chatted with, supply seemingly won't be a problem at the Apple stores: "We have plenty of phones." As does, it seems both MePa and Soho.

Sez our correspondent, "The woman wearing the grey shirt with gold lettering told me she'd been in line for 30 minutes, and that things seemed to be moving. A security guard in a black suit said he'd 'been [there] since 7 am, and the line keeps building. Everybody's here for the iPhone.' Duh, but that's the quote."

Apple Store

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