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iPhrenzy: "I've Been Here for Five Hours"

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Checking in at the Meatpacking District Apple Store, we find the line is still insaneit stretches past La Perla. Sun-wise, it's like the Mongolian desert out here. The store has handed out umbrellas, but not for keeps: When you finally get in, you pass your Apple-branded parasol to the people behind you. Apparently they're letting in waves of 25 people at a time, but then there's a two-hour wait within the store, at least according to one newly minted iPhone owner, who said he'd arrived at 8 AM. Outside, lots of people exploiting the captive audience on line. Honest Tea is handing out beverages, two flamenco dancers are handing out postcards for their upcoming dance performance, and one (cute) girl is wandering around in an "I Love Geeks" t-shirt.
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