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Spot Check: Cops Crack Down on Cube Crowd, Soho Gets a Line, MePa Still Quiet

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The iPhone 3G goes on sale TOMORROW, which means you have a matter of hours to park yourself in line. To help you strategize, we've got reports from the scene of all three Manhattan Apple stores.

Apple Fifth Avenue
Time: 1:40PM
Head Count: Almost ten deep
Color: Someone's liveblogging the line! Excitement. Though the crowd is small right now, store employees expect a serious crowd by tomorrow morning. The gathering is mostly peaceful, but cause-oriented campers TheWhoFarm have been getting a bit of trouble. Other line waiters report that the merry band of apple lovers got in a tiff with cops concerned that all the signage the group was posting at the site was infringing on public space. There have been no arrests so far, but we've got a while to go here.

Apple Soho
Time: 2:27pm
Head Count: ONE
Color: A brave soul has begun the campout in Soho. When Racked rolled around, he was asleep, so we didn't bother him with questions (rest, rest—you'll need your energy in the AM). A staffer inside said they noticed his chair around 11am, but she was unsure what time exactly he showed up. As at the MePa location, there are a LOT of barricades outside, stacked along both Prince and Greene. An after-work crowd is expected.

Apple MePa
Time: 12:45PM
Head Count: Zero, but they're prepping for a major crowd
Color: Store associates expect the madness to really begin at 3am.
—Noah Adler