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Discontinued: Catriona Mackechnie Leaves MePa

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We see London! We see France! We see that Catriona Mackechnie's underpants have left the Meatpacking District. With nothing so telling as a deep discount sale on even deeper cut teddies, this haute lingerie boutique at 400 West 14th Street, across from the Apple Store and the Moschino and Hugo Boss construction, has packed up its frilly underthings for good. No more peeping through the window's faux vertical blinds, sigh.

According to a simple note on the door, they have relocated to their online store. But based on the difficult spelling of the name (we wrongly Googled "catriona mackensie" and got some ethical philosopher), we doubt that the online business will be any more successful than the MePa shop, which always looked deserted save for a few of these carefully placed around. Sorry to all those desperately seeking a $400 corset; you'll just have to trek across the street to shop at La Perla.

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