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What Hath Marc Wrought

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In response to the news (taken badly by many) that another high-end boutique would be setting up shop on Bleecker Street, a commenter writes: "To place all of the new stores on Bleecker into a lifeless category is foolhardy, especially since such stores are creating more pedestrian traffic, a proxy for street life, on a stretch of Bleecker that previously got little attention. The magnetic appeal of Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli, and Marc Jacobs have synergized well with independent Bleecker restos such as August and the remaining antique shops on the street. While some shopowners complain that the influx of luxury retailers has prompted landlords to demand higher rents for the storefronts, many more shopowners praise the increase in traffic driven by the uber-luxe chains for increasing sales across the board for everyone in the area. That said, stop bemoaning the arrival of every new shop on Bleecker." [Racked Comments]

Marc Jacobs Collection

385 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012 212 343 1490 Visit Website

Ralph Lauren - Rhinelander Mansion

867 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021 Visit Website