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This Store Blows: Levi's on 14th Street

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Come summer, you see retailers around the city leaving the doors of their stores propped wide open in the hopes of enticing shoppers in with blasts of frigid air conditioning. In protest of this decidedly carbon-non-neutral trend we bring you, This Store Blows, highlighting the city's worst offenders. Want to join forces with us? Contributions, accompanied by a photo, are always accepted.

Store: Levi's, 25 West 14th Street Date: 6/29/08. Time: Right after the Pride Parade ended. Why This Store Blows: Writes a tipster, "It was muggy and a bit hot, but after walking past the door I felt a blast of cold air that cooled me down considerably." Preying on sweaty parade attendees, Levi's? Clever.
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