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Dept. of Nitpickery: Prada Has a Problem

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[Photo via Flickr/liliaindj]

Sauntering down Broadway late last night, we were attracted over to the Prada window by things other than the magical wood nymphs currently decorating the store. A small white piece of paper was taped to the far left column next to the store's entrance at 575 Broadway at Prince, warning that "Vendors are not permitted in front of this building. Summonses will be issued." Does Prada really believe that one 8'x11" photocopy and 4 pieces of scotch tape will deter the briefcase watch men? While there is some photographic evidence of there having been at least one (food) vendor in front of Prada, we're wondering how long has this been going on. If the vendors are pushed off any more prime corners on Broadway, then where will the tourists buy their purses?
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Prada - Soho

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