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Rumormongering: Topshop October Opening a Longshot

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As anticipated openings go, the unveiling of Topshop Soho is going to rank up there with the debut of the very first US outpost of Muji or Uniqlo—that is to say, a lot of people are looking forward to this. So we were very interested to hear a rumor from a reputable source stating that the UK store's planned October 10th opening will be practically impossible to hit.

Apparently, the fast-fashion chain's plans for the interior of the space at 478 Broadway would require a big team working almost round-the-clock to complete, which is something that Sir Philip Green is unwilling to shell out for. Word is that the interior, now hidden behind a massive plywood wall, is "just a big hole," and one architecture firm has already ditched the project because what Topshop's asking is completely unrealistic. Time to hope for a miracle.
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