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RackedWire: LIC Grocery Store and Pharmacy Update, Gramercy Exploding With Duane Reades

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LONG ISLAND CITY—An eagle-eyed LIC-based tipster managed to get a good look inside the soon-to-open Market at Long Island City (aka Amish Market) and Duane Reade in Queenswest, two business that will make the neighborhood much more inhabitable (and marketable) when they finally, finally open. The report: "I was wandering around the neighborhood on Friday and the door to the Market was wide open. I walked straight in and took these before getting shooed away by workmen. By the looks, it'll be at least July before they open. Unfortunately, Duane Reade looks like it'll take much longer than that." [RackedWire Inbox]

GRAMERCY—More Duane Reade news! A source emails to inform us that an outpost of the pharmacy chain is coming to the corner of 23rd Street and Third Avenue. "Living nearby, I was looking forward to seeing what was coming in the bottom of the new ugly building on the NW corner of 23rd & 3rd. I was angry and confused to see Duane Reade signs going up! There is a DR at 23rd & Lex. And 22 & Park. What the hell? I thought I heard that the Garden of Eden that used to be there is coming back. Anybody know anything about that?" [RackedWire Inbox]