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Breaking: DVF Sale Getting 4,000 More Pieces

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If you are reading this, get thee to Fifth Avenue! At 10am this morning, the ridiculously awesome Diane von Furstenberg Sample Sale resumes at 260 Fifth Ave between 28th and 29th Streets. Even if you've already been, today sees an enticing fresh shipment of 4,000 items and most likely a mosh pit of determined fashionistas. Plan your strategy: last night's rush hour line was a 45-minute wait around the block with girls trading war stories from visits earlier in the day.

After checking your bag, you will face long racks divided only by size (except for swimwear, which has a small area of its own). We saw large concentrations of sizes 6 and 10 and very, very little on the extreme ends at sizes 0-4 and 12-14. You are allowed 10 items max into the dressing room, and the staff will do everything short of smacking your hand should you attempt to shop the return racks outside the fitting area. The dressing room is no place for games: come prepared for the very communal space, where the attendants bark demands to go faster as you very nearly put your foot into someone else's Marc Jacobs Stam bag.

The line may seem long and the space rudimentary, but this sale could teach other sample sales a thing or two. Go expecting nothing and you will buy a season's wardrobe. Even our visit, pre-4,000 delivery, revealed so many standout dresses and jackets as to make us wonder why they did not sell out at full price. Alas, we gave in. There are limits, however, as you cannot purchase more than three items of the same style.

Why the craziness this year? According to a staff member at the sale, blame it on the Sex and the City movie, of course! In it, Carrie goes shopping at what is clearly the Diane von Furstenberg Meatpacking store and thus exposes the "DvF" name to even those living in caves for the past thirty years.

The sale closes Saturday at 3pm, so dust off your charge cards and sharpen your nails quickly to land the best frocks from last season.
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