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Above The Fray: Fred Perry Sale 'Awesome'

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An excited tipster checks in from the Fred Perry sample sale currently underway in the far northwest reaches of Chelsea. The report:

85% guys clothing...AWESOME! All polos are $30, all pants are $70, shorts are $50, t-shirts are $20, jackets range but most start at $150, track jackets are $50. All men's clothing sizes are "M" or " 38' " (i.e. sample size sizes). Crap load of mens shoes, all $40, unfortunately, all size 9. Tons of hats ($10) and there WERE amazing mens bags ($30-$40) but I bought like four and the rest were being devoured as well. Tons of nice people working there and they were giving additional combined discounts left and right. I got about 40 bucks off my total purchase. Cash only, of course. Had them bag it up for me while I ran down to the ATM. And for the best part...HARDLY ANYONE WAS THERE!!!!
And then his head exploded.
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