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Now Open: Anne Fontaine Takes to Madison

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Last night, Racked journeyed uptown with lensman Will Femia for the debut of French designer Anne Fontaine's new Madison Avenue boutique (relocated from 687 Madison to 677 Madison). As befits a UES store opening, the place was packed with a mix of socialites, press, fans and fashion folk like designer Betsey Johnson enjoying champers and fancy little noshes.

Fontaine's known for her unique and dressy take on the white button-down shirt, and many are showcased in this new shop, but there's also a large selection of elegant black jackets, pants, dresses and handbags on offer (prices range from $150 all the way up to $6,000). The space's decor and use of color mirrors that of the clothing: most of the shop is white—white walls, white beaded curtains, white vertiginous curved stairway—but there is one room done entirely in ebony. Fontaine fans should know there's more in store for the location: An Anne Fontaine Spa, planned for the second floor, will open in 2009.