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Storecasting: Bleecker Getting Fleeced

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No. 351 as Nusraty (left) and as Black Fleece (right and below) [renderings via WWD]

The little rumormongering item we posted back in May about Brooks Bros. and their plans for a freestanding Black Fleece boutique at 351 Bleecker Street (Black Fleece being their newish Thom Browne-designed line) has turned out to be correct.

Despite being vehemently denied by the store's owner's son, who jumped into the comments to write: "I'm the owner's son (Nusraty Afghan Imports, Inc.) and in fact this is a RUMOR! My father has been at this location for over 29 years!!!," the move was confirmed today by WWD. They report that the store, the first of its kind, will open in mid-October. Why did the suits at Brooks Bros. choose Bleecker? "Because there's 'a charm, sophistication and historic atmosphere to the neighborhood that lends itself to the spirit of Black Fleece.'"
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